Alchemy Henna is all about science, magic, and the art of slow living. While henna may be the first thing you see, the distinct product line at Alchemy Henna is designed to encourage you to slow your roll, engage your senses and create a more contented life through adorning and anointing of the self.

Once you enjoy your henna experience, you can take that unwind home with products like Florida Water, a classic cologne made with natural essences of fruits and flowers in a tincture of organic lavender blossoms. Or perhaps you’d prefer a 20-minute hand-dipped beeswax candle, designed to burn for about 20 minutes so you can enjoy a time of prayer, meditation, or reading without being tempted to check in or watch the clock.

If connecting with others is more your speed, sign up for a slow living workshop where you can learn to make your own cosmetics and perfumes. And if you cannot make it to the Alchemy Henna home in Ferndale, Michigan, your host Monique Herzig can take the show on the road and come to you.

Doesn’t that sound like something you need? Doesn’t all of this sound like something you need?

Go shopping at Alchemy Henna.

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