What started as a motivational tool to stop picking her nails turned into a huge, full-fledged nail polish collection!

Indie Business Network Maker, Pam Rodgers and her brand Stella Chroma strives to make the most fabulous, hardest wearing lacquer you can find.

Pam is a self-described tomboy, who often dismissed things more ‘girly-girl’. But painting her nails became a love of hers – so much so, that she took her love of science to the next level and began experimenting with her own glamorous polish colors!

Pam’s creative formulas include glitters, holos, shimmers and more – all inspired by fashion, fandoms and the latest trends. She wants her polishes to pump you up and help your confidence shine through.

Take a look at her fabulous creations Stella Chroma!

Listen to Pam share her entrepreneurial story on Indie Business Podcast!

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