La Curie is an award-winning niche unisex fragrance line created by Lesli Wood of Tuscon, Arizona. The name of each of her creations embodies a complex cast of meaningful items: be it mythologies, emotions, or make believe places from Lesli’s imagination. They are sacred scents for modern humans.

No two scents are the same, and each wearer interprets a different fragrance. It could be ancient history, smoke, leather, burning embers, catacombs, and old books.

This is La Curie’s unisex Incendo fragrance: fir needles, embers, incense, sage, pine, sun kissed dark skies. Incendo is the winner of the 2016 Art and Olfaction Artisan Award, and the main accords are woody, aromatic, galsamic, and a bit smoky and freshly spicy.

Other scents include the unisex Faunus, made with cedarwood, oud, french hay, marbled bergamot, and aloeswood, and the Cyllene, made with bergamot, frangipani and jasmine.

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