Have you seen a cuter candle holder than this? Based in South Windsor, Connecticut, Justin Healy creates unique and fragrant wax blends, and then hand pours them straight into these cute little coconut shells.

Justin’s candles are seasonally inspired to reflect different weeks of the year, allowing you to relax, revitalize and enjoy life one week at a time. Escape the cold in winter with a candle scented like a clean summer breeze. Transport yourself to fall in spring with a candle reminiscent of a fresh pine forest.

An entire coconut shell half envelopes each candle, and pure soy wax and 100% cotton wicks are used on the candles pictured here.

Not into coconuts? You can also get your Backyard Candles in mason jars or in the form of wax melts. You can even get some scents mixed into beeswax and poured into cute silver pails.

Take your pick from a variety of fragrances: Snickerdoodle, Brownie Batter, Sea Salt + Orchid, Caribbean Teakwood, and Hydrangea and dozens more.

Go shopping at Backyard Candles.

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